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Open Mic Night for #storyappchat THIS Sunday, July 21, 2013

Plan to drop by the weekly #storyappchat this coming Sunday [July 21] at 9 p.m. Eastern (6 p.m. Pacific) for Open Mic Night. That’s right–the topic or topics are up to YOU. The possibilities are endless:

  • Writers and illustrators: ask the developers about the ins and outs of getting your story built into an app or ebook
  • Story app developers and story app service providers: meet and get to know talented digital artists and writers; find out what your users like and don’t like about your apps
  • Moms, dads, teachers and caregivers: find out about new apps for your kids, and discover how they were created

Since you can create your own topic during the chat hour, there’s no reason why we won’t be seeing YOU this Sunday night at 6 pm PT/ 9 pm ET. Use the #storyappchat hashtag, and tweet away!

P.S. Try using our new #TWUBS account, http://twubs.com/storyappchat and follow @storyappchat for resources, transcripts and updates!


Transcript for the 7/14/13 #storyappchat: Sponsored Apps

Transcript for the 7/14/13 #storyappchat: Sponsored Apps

Here is the transcript for the July 14, 2013 #storyappchat, a very lively discussion on a rather controversial topic, which was “Sponsored Apps: Finding the Right Balance.” Enjoy and we’ll see you next week!

Topic for the 10/21/12 #storyappchat: Animations and Interactivity

#storyappchat topic badgeWhy turn a kid’s book into an app? There seem to be a lot of people asking this question, and for good reason. After all, print books are wonderful in and of themselves. Why create book apps at all?

Obviously those of us here at #storyappchat have strong opinions on this, mostly in favor of creating for tablet and mobile devices. But I believe the following question should be asked at the beginning of the creation (writing, illustrating, designing, coding) process: Can this story best be told in app form? And if so, what interactive features should be included in order to enhance/uplift/further the story? Here’s a good post which talks a bit about how the process of creating an app is different from creating a print book–from the ground up.

We’ve all seen book apps that feature an already-beloved print book with some extra animations, sounds and/or puzzles included, in now familiar, expected and distracting ways. I wonder if the app-buying public isn’t already a little tired of this approach. App publishers seem to be listening, too, based on the new features added to several of the Oceanhouse Media titles.

What are those features that really belong in a storybook app–those features that engage, surprise and delight children (and parents), instead of just existing as an excuse to crank out yet another story in app form?

Let’s discuss, debate and hash out this issue during the next #storyappchat on Sunday, October 21 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern/6:00 p.m. Pacific. Just start using the #storyappchat hashtag in your tweets around then to join us!

Topic for the 10/7/12 #storyappchat: Ask a Librarian

ALSC LogoEver heard of a little organization called the American Library Association? They have a division called the Association for Library Service to Children, which awards the Caldecott and Newbery medals each summer and is focused all year long on supporting and enhancing library service to kids and their families.

We are pleased and excited to welcome two representatives from the organization as guest hosts for the next #storyappchat: Gretchen Caserotti and Dan Rude. Gretchen is the assistant director for public services at the Darien Library in Darien, CT, and is also the chairperson of the ALSC Children and Technology Committee, where storybook apps and digital access are hot topics of discussion. Dan is the marketing and membership specialist at ALSC, blogs on behalf of the organization, and manages the @ALSCBlog Twitter account.

Get your questions ready for Gretchen and Dan–they are especially interested in talking about recent research on co-reading with ebooks on the iPad, access/availability of digital content in libraries, and literacy/childhood development. We’ll kick things off at 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT this Sunday, October 7. Be there or be square!