This is the place to come for information about #storyappchat, a Twitter chat for those who create storybook apps for kids. The chat was at 9:00 p.m. ET (6:00 p.m. PT)  on Sunday nights.

Our mission was to bring together and facilitate discussion between people who have a passion for creating storybook apps and ebooks for children.

We featured a mix of topic-centered discussion and regular guest hosts from the industry for almost four years. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter: @storyappchat. People still use the hashtag #storyappchat on Twitter to share news and information.

4 responses to “About

  1. Hi,

    I’d love to join your weekly chats, but I’m in Europe. 9 pm in EST is right in the middle of the night here. Is there any chance that you could change the hour of weekly chats to include people living in Europe? We are also interested in this topic on this side of the pond.


    • Hi Allison! Your comment is much appreciated. If there’s enough interest, perhaps we could do a special chat now and then, at a time more convenient for others around the globe. I’d love to hear some suggestions on a more manageable time slot–anyone is welcome to chime in by commenting here. In the meantime, I hope the chat transcripts are useful for you. Thanks!

  2. Hi Brooks, just read the transcript of last Sundays twitter chat. I’ve found some valuable things in it. Thanks so much for the transcript.

    Just like Allison, I’d love to join the next one, but I live in The Netherlands, so 9 pm at your end of the world is 3 am here… I’m not sure I’ll be really sharp at that time of night 🙂

    I understand it’s difficult to find a time slot that would match both Americans and Europeans, especially since we all juggle kids & work.
    Maybe 12 am ET would be a good time? Then it’s 6 am in Holland – I’m an early bird.

    Thanks for hosting the tweetchat and sharing the transcript with us!

    Diana (Appracadabra.com)

    • I’m thrilled we have so many folks from across the globe interested in #storyappchat. I agree that it will be difficult to find a time slot that will work well for everyone. We have discussed the possibility of periodically having the chat at a different time, if there is sufficient interest. Are there any other votes for midnight?

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