Guest Host for the 7/28/13 #storyappchat: Andrea Phillips, on Story Interaction

Andrea Phillips, award-winning transmedia writer

Andrea Phillips, award-winning transmedia writer

We’re excited to have author Andrea Phillips as our guest host this week. Andrea is an award-winning transmedia writer, game designer and author. Her book, A Creator’s Guide to Transmedia Storytelling, is published by McGraw-Hill. We’ll explore different kinds of interaction, “particularly the kind that makes the reader feel like they’ve stumbled into a piece of the story themselves. It’s a really wonderful, magical feeling. On a simple level it can be done with letters and photographs from characters in the story, but it could also be creating ways to ex. send email to a character in the story and have them email you back.”

Andrea’s work includes includes a variety of educational and commercial projects, including Floating City with Thomas Dolby, The Maester’s Path for HBO’s Game of Thrones with Campfire Media, The Drunk and On Drugs Happy Funtime Hour Quest with Stitch Media, America 2049 with human rights nonprofit Breakthrough, Routes Game for Channel 4 Education, the independent commercial ARG Perplex City, and The 2012 Experience for Sony Pictures.

Help us welcome Andrea to #storyappchat this Sunday, July 28, at 9:00 p.m. Eastern/6:00 p.m. Pacific. Just start including the #storyappchat hashtag to participate, or try using our new #TWUBS account, And follow @storyappchat for resources, transcripts and updates! Follow us on Facebook too. We’ll see you there.


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