Guest Host for the 3/31/13 #storyappchat: Ron Martinez

Aerbook Cloud PublishingThe tools available to writers/illustrators of interactive books continue to evolve. One of the most exciting new packages to come out recently is Aerbook Cloud Publishing, a browser-based platform which allows you to export content in a number of different formats, including iBooks, Kindle, and iOS/Nook/Fire app projects.

The founder of Aerbook is Ron Martinez, and we’re thrilled to have him host this Sunday’s #storyappchat. Among other things, he’ll answer our questions about the migration of app-like experiences to the eBook store, the differences in discovery and pricing, and what the limitations and opportunities are across the various platforms. And if the topic isn’t enough to interest you, Ron will be giving away some export credits for those who are able to pop into the chat.

Don’t miss this one! We’ll kick things off at 9:00 p.m. Eastern/6:00 p.m. Pacific this Sunday, March 31. Looking forward to seeing YOU there!


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