Transcript for the 1/27/13 #storyappchat: the iBookstore

Judging by the high-quality chatter we enjoyed last night, many of us see the iBookstore as a viable option for producing interactive books for kids. Be sure to study the transcript above for links and other valuable industry information from @LizCastro, @RonMartinez, @DrawBeard and @TheiPodTeacher. A lot of people who joined us last night had nice things to say about Book Creator, a WYSIWYG (graphically-based) ePub editor which makes it easy to create files for the iBookstore.

Remember, we convene every Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. Eastern/6:00 p.m. Pacific to talk about creating storybook apps and ebooks for kids. Join us next and every week, OK?


4 responses to “Transcript for the 1/27/13 #storyappchat: the iBookstore

  1. Brookes et al–enjoyed this chat very much. Have created a PB on bookcreator using sketchbook pro for illus, but can not figure out how to upload it to kindle. bookcreator exports in epub and PDF–but kindle uses html, right? Any suggestions?

  2. Julie: use Book Creator to export as an ePub, then download and use Amazon’s free Kindle Previewer to convert the file (when you use the Kindle Previewer to open up an ePub, it’ll automatically convert it to the native Kindle .mobi format). Good luck!

  3. Thanks, Brooks! Look forward to joining/following future chats!

  4. Thank you SO much for compiling these transcripts. I can never be on #storyappchat live as I’m asleep over in Paris. So I appreciate the playback.

    I just recently recreated my storyapp – BEWARE MME LA GUILLOTINE: The FRENCH REVOLUTION WITH CHARLOTTE CORDAY – in iBooks Author to test the tool. Except for it not supporting audio narration, which we have in the app, I found it fairly easy to use (there were bumps, however) and sufficiently interactive to bring the history of the French Revolution to life for students and teachers. (The app is mostly for educational tourism, though teachers and librarians are using it in middle and high schools.)

    The best I can say is that I made interactive book for a tiny fraction of what it cost to create the app, and I expect that I will be able to sell it for a slightly higher per unit cost. Time will tell.

    Submitting the book in iTunes Producer was a snap and the book was approved in 4 days! (This surprised me because all that I read suggested it take 4-6 weeks for Apple to approve an iBook). It will be released tomorrow 6 Feb 2013.

    Here’s the press release for more info: Unfortunately, iTunes has not given me a link to the iBookstore page yet or I’d share that with you here.

    Can’t say yet what the experience is like working in the iBookstore. Will report back. I hope it’s better than the App Store!

    PS Thanks to @JulieHedlund for the shout out!

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