Transcript for the 10/14/12 #storyappchat: Typography

A few typographic principles emerged during the chat last night. Here they are.

Unless you are a trained graphic designer:

  • Do not use more than three fonts for any one project
  • Never use display typefaces for text–choose fonts in the Book or Text category for your storybook app
  • Use serif fonts for the main text of your project–a serif font is slightly easier to read than a san-serif font
  • Use black text on a white background (or at least know that there should be a high level of contrast between the dark text and a light background)
  • Left justify your text rather than full justifying it, and never right justify text
  • Do not put drop shadows, outlines or other effects on text you want people to read. Ever!
  • Don’t condense or extend your text artificially. Find and use the condensed or extended version of a typeface instead
  • Use bold and italic sparingly

And last but not least: break these and other typographic rules only if you know what you are doing, and only for a very good reason! Check out the entire transcript above, complete with several links to typographic resources.

Remember, we get together every Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. Eastern/6:00 p.m. Pacific. Join us anytime!


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