Transcript for the 9/9/12 #storyappchat: App Review Sites

Last night’s chat was just great–and we were fortunate to have several representatives from the world of app review sites sitting in and sharing tips for getting your app reviewed. Here is just a sampling of what was mentioned:

  • Familiarize yourself with the sort of apps the review site specializes in, and be sure your app fits their market
  • Check the site’s submission guidelines and follow them to the letter–fill out the form if the site has one
  • Plan ahead and expect reviews to take months, not weeks–the app market is flooded with new apps and many of the review sites are backed up
  • If you are lucky enough to get some constructive criticism, be open to it and don’t take it personally
  • Reach out to reviewers on social media, and help them by retweeting/reposting their reviews
  • Realize that most review sites are run by real parents like you, and their site may or may not be profitable yet

Soak up all the wisdom in the complete 18-page transcript above, and don’t forget to stop by next Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. Eastern/6:00 p.m. Pacific. We’ll be talking about the feasibility of using Kickstarter to fund your next app project!


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