Topic for 7/29/12 #storyappchat: How can we “improve children’s literature in digital spaces”? A challenge from Daniel Donahoo

This week, join us for #storyappchat at 6pm PT/9pm ET for a special ‘open mic’ discussion. A recent article in the Huffington Post from contributor Daniel Donahoo (Researcher & Author on Childhood Learning, Development & Technology) & Beth Dobler (Professor of Reading & Language Arts, Emporia State University,Kansas) asked the following question(s):

Screen Shot of Huffington Post "H" Icon

Checking for Quality: Developing an Assessment Tool

“We all know that the increasing number of new publishing platforms are challenging the traditional models of publishing. There is a growing interest and enthusiasm for the capacity of anyone to publish and create, but is there equal interest on the impact of quality or value of these texts to the reader? Currently, publishing in digital spaces emphasizes producers, rather than consumers. This unbalanced focus has the potential to impact children’s reading experiences in negative, as well as positive ways, and is already having a significant impact on the world of children’s literature.” Read the full article here:

Join us Sunday, July 29th at 6pm PT/9pm ET to discuss the quality of digital children’s literature …


4 responses to “Topic for 7/29/12 #storyappchat: How can we “improve children’s literature in digital spaces”? A challenge from Daniel Donahoo

  1. Hey folks. Not sure I’ll be online in Australia when you have the chat – but will look forward to seeing the discussion afterwards.
    The article is presented as an important challenge to publishers of children’s book apps because the work you do is so aligned to children’s literacy. Beth and I would love any feedback, indeed for interested parties we may even be able to get you to test some of our tools and provide feedback. Our interest is in supporting the ongoing development of quality children’s literature for children – on whatever platform that might be.

  2. Thanks for your comment Dan! We look forward to a lively discussion of this important issue that you and Beth have so nicely outlined in your post … if you can join us, that would be wonderful, but if not, hopefully our transcript will have some interesting feedback for you both.

  3. I will be preparing to board a plane during the Sunday evening chat time and am disappointed to miss the live chat. This type of discussion is exactly what Dan and I hoped would occur. Working through issues surrounding quality digital children’s books will take a concerted effort.

    • Maybe we can re-visit this topic in the fall, when both you and Dan can possibly join us? For this Sunday’s chat, if you have any questions for us to ponder or research links, please share them with the #storyappchat hashtag on twitter and hopefully the transcript will be ready for you shortly after landing. 🙂

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