Topic for 7/22/12 #storyappchat: How Do You Define Success for Your Story App?

Image of Key to Success

How we define success defines our experience …

This week, we will have an ‘open mic’ night for #storyappchat! One of our regular co-hosts, Carisa Kluver, is the founder of the review site, Digital-Storytime, and she regularly interacts with developers of story apps. Among the most useful questions she asks development teams, when doing consulting, is for them to consider FIRST and foremost, before launching  (or even creating) an app is: “How do you define success?”

This is a great question for any software project, but especially useful for digital story creators, who may define success in a variety of ways. Do you want your story to simply find readers, or to develop a loyal following for a series or brand? Or is the goal to simply make a profit on your investment in the project? Depending on your goals, and how you define success in this evolving market, this question really can define your strategy for producing and marketing  an app.

We welcome you to join us Sunday & to share your experiences, road-blocks and ask questions about the journey you’ve been on in the process of achieving your vision of a ‘successful story book app’.

Join us on July 22 to discuss how content creators define success when launching a book app. We’ll kick things off at 9:00 p.m. Eastern/6:00 p.m. Pacific time–so make plans to stop by!


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