Transcript for the 7/8/12 #storyappchat: Bookstore Apps

Like most of our chats, this one was lively and interesting, but especially so because of @Julia_Brannon and @JumbleBugs, who have unique perspectives on our topic of the evening. We discussed the pros and cons of both realizing your story in standalone app form, and as part of one of the bookstore apps. We agreed that from a marketing perspective, being part of an already-established group of quality books can be a real asset, so you wouldn’t have to go it completely alone when trying to build an audience for your storybook app. The Jumble Bugs folks have the unique position of both releasing their new story as a standalone app, and as part of the new bookstore app @Demibooks is putting out.

We’ve asked if @JumbleBugs can come back in the fall to guest host a chat for us, and @Julia_Brannon will guest host the next #storyappchat on July 15, with a focus on marketing for storybook apps. Don’t miss it—the fun will start at 6:00 p.m. Pacific/9:00 p.m. Eastern!


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