Topic for 2/26/12 #storyappchat: Persian Cat Press

We are pleased to have Sean Smith from Persian Cat Press joining us for this Sunday’s #storyappchat. Their first picture book app is called The Gift and is featured in the video trailer above. Here’s a little more from Sean:

I’m from Persian Cat Press, a publisher of interactive iStories for iPad and iPhone based in Manchester in the UK.

At Persian Cat Press, we’re as excited by a well-crafted tale as we were in our childhoods, and we believe that the possibilities for storytelling on touchscreen devices such as the iPad and iPhone are virtually endless.

We’ve just released The Gift, an original picture book app for children aged four and older written by Jos Carlyle and illustrated by Dan Mynard. It weaves a subtly metaphorical tale about all the things we might give children and the one thing they need most of all.

We’re aiming to produce great apps that maximise the creative possibilties afforded by the interactive features of the iPad and the iPhone. The Gift was written with these interactive features in mind from the outset, meaning that the app touches the senses and fires the imagination in unique and exciting ways.

We’ve also just released the free-to-download Cat-Nav discovery app, which delivers reviews of the best picture book, graphic novel and other iStory apps direct to your iPad and iPhone every week.

Get your questions ready for Sean and we’ll see you this Sunday (February 26) at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time!


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