Transcript for 1/29/12 #storyappchat: iBooks Author

Very interesting chat tonight with lots of good opinions shared. We were lucky to have ePub expert @LizCastro stop by to weigh in on this topic–she’s written a recent blog post about iBooks Author, and had some opinions to share with us too. Here’s a sampling of the discussion:

@lizcastro: First important failing of iBooks Author are that it does not create ebooks in standard EPUB format.

@artsylliu: It’s really hard to find kids’ books in the store. It only features 41 PBs. Otherwise you have to search by name.

@PolkStreetPress: Me too! RT @brooks_jones: I wanted to dwnload the free Life on Earth iBook but it took so long I gave up!

@DavidBFox: You can’t gift an iBook at all, not even in the same country!

@DavidBFox: There are hundreds or thousands of PBs – just no way to list them (except a few dozen from the big publishers)

@lizcastro: I fault Apple for not following standards because they promised with iBooks launch that it supported EPUB

There’s much more in the transcript above, 22 pages of it! Check it out, and weigh in yourself in the comment section below, or using the #storyappchat hashtag during the week. Remember, we chat every Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time–don’t miss it!


One response to “Transcript for 1/29/12 #storyappchat: iBooks Author

  1. Hi, I’m an illustrator author from the UK. and have recently created my first picture book app. using ITB.
    I’d love to join your chat groups and swap ideas and soak up the enthusiasm.
    Not sure how to yet but will be carefully checking the site.

    cheers, Paul Morton

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