Transcript for 10/9/11 #storyappchat: Formats

We enjoyed an informative and insightful discussion about the available electronic picture book formats during the October 9 edition of our weekly #storyappchat. Here’s a peek into what was shared last night:

@LoreenLeedy: I want to make an ebook for Kindle, but image limitations are a problem: low res, no full bleed art (white borders on page)

@DavidBFox: Has anyone read Daniel Donahoo’s article,

@DavidBFox: Rather than focusing on flashier animation, focus on stronger stories/characters, and those that make a difference for kids

@BryonECarson: My feeling is that we need to lose the idea of the traditional book & think of these as entities unto themselves.

@ddonahoo: Hey folks. Gotta run-good to read your POV. Biggest issue I see – not enough editing taking – make that story awesome

For more, check out the 20-page transcript above, and make plans to join us EVERY Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time!


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