Guest Host for 9/25/11 #storyappchat: Red Jumper!

Book Creator for the iPad from Red Jumper Studio on Vimeo.

We are thrilled to have Dan with Red Jumper with us this Sunday (September 25) to guest host our weekly #storyappchat. They’ve just released their Book Creator app for the iPad, which allows anyone to easily create a fixed layout picture book for the iBookstore in ePub format. They are the first to create a professional-level tool which lets you publish a horizontal-format picture book to the iBookstore–and their app is only $6.99.

Bring your questions for Dan–I know I will! We will see you this Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. EDT–just use the #storyappchat tag to chime in.


4 responses to “Guest Host for 9/25/11 #storyappchat: Red Jumper!

  1. I think your app is great. I’ll see you Sunday t show my support. I’m @dave01568 on Twitter.
    I have an autistic son who has come to life creatively trough book apps and really would love this app but we can’t afford

  2. Dave: have you met up with Gary of Apps For Kids With Special Needs? He does several giveaways on their Facebook page and gets developers to donate apps (and iPads!) especially for parents of kids with autism and other special needs. Check it out [], and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow night. By the way, we will be giving away two copies of Book Creator during tomorrow’s chat too!

  3. How do I attend the chat? I haven’t really used twitter. Dave, I just transferred the book my nephew with autism dictated to me. We used Sound Note so I could type while he talked, and that way I didn’t miss anything. Then I found My Writing Spot’s app, and that helped with organizing the notes, and I eventually just typed directly in that. Next, I found Storyist, and I really liked the ability to use ‘index cards’ to organize the chapters. But I was in HEAVEN when I found Book Creator! I spent hours this week copying and pasting the story into it–it’s 145 pages long!! (22 cochin font). So easy to add and re-arrange pages, and I was finally able to ‘see’ the order of the story. My nephew is really excited to see his story come to life. We’re hoping one of his friends with autism will do the illustrations. Watch for it on my blog…
    When we get it all in final form, I’d like to send your son a copy.

  4. What a wonderful app! NOW I get what the big fuss was about last night =) Very cool! Will try to come for a visit on twitter next week!

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