Transcript for the 9/4/11 #storyappchat: iBooks

This was an informative discussion on iBooks, with our own David Fox serving as the evening’s expert. Some of the wisdom shared during the chat included:

@DavidBFox: An iBook is Apple’s name for their ebooks. It’s a digital book using the ePub3 standard. It’s much closer to a small website.

@DavidBFox: @YancyUnger to layout our iBook, we used a beta version of Red Jumper’s upcoming iBook creation app. Called Book Creator

@iPad_storytime: I think customers will like this a lot! No more ‘lite’ versions RT @YancyUnger: @iPad_storytime Really like the sample option!

@DavidBFox: @brooks_jones the Red Jumper tool probably cut a week or two off development… also made it easy to dive in.

@MoveableCode: I think books are still perceived as different in value than an app. More substantive…

@brooks_jones: Also, ePubBud sells ISBNs for only $5 each

@AppsHomeschool: @brooks_jones And in Canada ISBNs are free – just FYI – handed out federally

And remember: we do the #storyappchat party EVERY Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. Eastern time, so carve out a little space for us at the end of your weekend, OK?


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