Topic for 9/4/11 #storyappchat: iBooks!

Apple's iBook AppThe line between the storybook app and the stories in the iBookstore is starting to blur. With new capabilities like background music, voiceover narration and word highlighting now available, it may now be a valid option for writers/illustrators and other content creators who want to publish electronic picture books.

Let’s discuss the new opportunities, realities and limitations of the iBook format this Sunday (September 4) at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. Our own David Fox of Electric Eggplant has just published a children’s picture book to the iBookstore, and will share his experiences and wisdom. Come one, come all–and remember to use the #storyappchat tag. We will see you then!


3 responses to “Topic for 9/4/11 #storyappchat: iBooks!

  1. this is a wonderful use of modern technology and i am looking forward to hearing more tomorrow. On the other hand, i do hope that there will always be room for an old fashioned book-like those we read before computers were here. there is still some value in them.

  2. I am hoping to see some books for older non-readers – like my adult son with autism. While he likes the Dr. Suess, etc. I have found, they are rather young for him. With his audio processing delays he can not follow a straight audio book, but can follow the highlighted word-by-word of the Suess (etc.) books. Would that someone would take, say, the TIntin books and make it so Joe could touch the word bubble and “hear” what Tintin or Captain Haddock is saying! Is there anything like this coming soon? The “robot voice” that came with the iPad doesn’t work for something like this, and he dislikes the sound of it.

  3. I echo what JFS in Illinois asks about. I am a teacher who uses highlighting tech in old software and waiting for it to happen for ebooks. In the meantime try http://www.kidshealth,org It will read outloud, highlight the whole sentence and then each word. The voice over is not superb, but better than some I have heard.

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