Transcript for July 24 #storyappchat

Note: Brooks Jones is on summer hiatus. Carisa and I are filling in. —David Fox

Here’s our transcript for last night’s “open mike” chat. Lots of great participation from some regulars and many new faces as well. We touched on a number of topics, from the difference between an ebook and a story app, definition of animation, marketing hints, comments on story tool creation, and more.

Next week, July 31 9:00 p.m. ET (6:00 p.m. PT),  our topic is App Marketing. Carisa will talk about this from the point of view of a reviewer, and we invite all other app developers and app developers to be to join in the discussion.

We’ve started creating a list of story app development tools (see the list in the right column). If you know of any others we should add, please let us know!


One response to “Transcript for July 24 #storyappchat

  1. Brooks: When will you invite Pixlore and MyStory Book to a #storyappchat? (I had never heard of them.)

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