#storyappchat Topic for 7/10: Wish List!

Taking a suggestion from the inspirational @LoreenLeedy, this Sunday’s #storyappchat topic will be: Wish List–what features should be built into the perfect story app creation tool?

For content creators: finally, WE are in the driver’s seat. This will be our chance to tell the world exactly what sort of bells and whistles we want our app creation tools to have. Don’t stop at the obvious ones (background music, voiceover, highlighted words and animation). Let your imagination run wild!

For parents: think of your favorite picture book and imagine it reborn as an app. What should be included in the app to best take advantage of the medium?

For developers: this will be a good opportunity to get a feel for where the industry is heading, and to examine what others are looking for in the app space.

And for companies creating story app creation tools/services: This chat is a slam dunk for you! Come listen as those in your target market deliver their wish lists on a silver platter. Monitor the discussion/debate and chime in anytime!

Same bat time (Sunday, July 10 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern), same bat channel (#storyappchat). See you all there!

P.S. New to Twitter chats? Check out this handy cheat sheet from Debbie Ohi, and tweet away!


One response to “#storyappchat Topic for 7/10: Wish List!

  1. I want to easily write social stories and be able to easily bounce between photos,pic symbols, and Internet pics and then move them around in case I want to add a page in later. It would be great to be able to email it and keep the format to things like nintendos and other devices. Least important is the pic symbols library. Also it would be nice to password lock each story so teachers could have different folders for kids and maintain confidentiality while having to share iPads and iPods with several kiddos. Even to have to use PowerPoint technology would be better.

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