Transcript for July 3 #storyappchat

Right in the middle of celebrating the nation’s birthday, several of us convened for a lively discussion of storybook apps with guest host Lynette Mattke, CEO of PicPocket Books. Here’s some of what was shared:

On how PicPocket Books was started:

@PicPocketBooks: My daughter was a struggling reader. I wanted a good book option that had audio, pics and text.

On what PicPocket Books looks for in a storybook app:

@PicPocketBooks: We like stories from different authors, publishers. Esp. ones that champion diversity. We like books, stories that broaden horizons.

@PicPocketBooks: I think that for a book app to work, it has to also work as a traditional story.

@PicPocketBooks: We’re currently accepting submissions for publication on our platform. So if you have a finished illustrated story, send it in!

Lots more was discussed, including Lynette’s current ‘wish list’ for story themes, how long it usually takes to get an app made, and pros and cons of using a DIY service vs. choosing an app publisher for a story. And I gave away two copies of I Don’t Like Pink!, my storybook app recently published by PicPocket Books. Congrats to @mindouglas and @mimicross!

Check back here in a bit for the next topic, and we will look for YOU this Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. Happy Birthday, USA!


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