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Transcript for July 24 #storyappchat

Note: Brooks Jones is on summer hiatus. Carisa and I are filling in. —David Fox

Here’s our transcript for last night’s “open mike” chat. Lots of great participation from some regulars and many new faces as well. We touched on a number of topics, from the difference between an ebook and a story app, definition of animation, marketing hints, comments on story tool creation, and more.

Next week, July 31 9:00 p.m. ET (6:00 p.m. PT),  our topic is App Marketing. Carisa will talk about this from the point of view of a reviewer, and we invite all other app developers and app developers to be to join in the discussion.

We’ve started creating a list of story app development tools (see the list in the right column). If you know of any others we should add, please let us know!

Transcript for July 17 #storyappchat

Note: Brooks Jones is on summer hiatus for a couple of weeks. Carisa and I are filling in. —David Fox

Here’s the transcript from our July 17th chat, with guest host Rafiq Ahmed of @Demibooks talking about their upcoming story app creation tool, Demibooks Composer. It’s unique in that it’s an iPad app, and all of the content is assembled directly in the app (after preparing the art and audio assets in your tool of choice). More information at and you can get on their beta email list here.

A couple of points that really stood out. Their plan is to give the app away for free, at least for the initial few months after it’s released (there will be a charge to actually publish your book app, though). And owners of their Composer app can share their book creations with other owners, even without having to publish the app. Think of the opportunities for kids in school creating and sharing their own story apps!

Here’s the transcript… dig in!

Our next chat will be an open forum, topic to be announced, on July 24, 9:00 p.m. ET (6:00 p.m. PT). Join us!

Demibooks to Guest Host 7/17 #storyappchat!

DemibooksWe’re glad to have Rafiq Ahmed from Demibooks guest hosting #storyappchat this Sunday, July 17. Demibooks is the company behind Composer, a storybook app-building tool. They are still in private beta right now, but intend to initiate an open beta program soon.

Rafiq AhmedBring your questions for Rafiq–he is prepared to share information about Composer, app publishing with Demibooks, and what the participants in their closed beta have been asking for. We look forward to seeing all of you THIS Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. Eastern–just include the #storyappchat hashtag and jump right in!

Transcript for July 10 #storyappchat

This was a truly amazing chat, with attendance by most of the app-creation services and many passionate content creators tossing out their ideas for what would be part of their perfect story app creation tool.

I’d be doing a disservice to you if I attempted to summarize this chat–there were just too many high-quality ideas flying back and forth. Download the transcript, and enjoy 24 pages worth of wisdom and inspiration.

Rafiq Ahmed of @Demibooks will be guest-hosting the July 17 chat, so don’t miss out. We will look for you THIS Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET!

#storyappchat Topic for 7/10: Wish List!

Taking a suggestion from the inspirational @LoreenLeedy, this Sunday’s #storyappchat topic will be: Wish List–what features should be built into the perfect story app creation tool?

For content creators: finally, WE are in the driver’s seat. This will be our chance to tell the world exactly what sort of bells and whistles we want our app creation tools to have. Don’t stop at the obvious ones (background music, voiceover, highlighted words and animation). Let your imagination run wild!

For parents: think of your favorite picture book and imagine it reborn as an app. What should be included in the app to best take advantage of the medium?

For developers: this will be a good opportunity to get a feel for where the industry is heading, and to examine what others are looking for in the app space.

And for companies creating story app creation tools/services: This chat is a slam dunk for you! Come listen as those in your target market deliver their wish lists on a silver platter. Monitor the discussion/debate and chime in anytime!

Same bat time (Sunday, July 10 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern), same bat channel (#storyappchat). See you all there!

P.S. New to Twitter chats? Check out this handy cheat sheet from Debbie Ohi, and tweet away!

Transcript for July 3 #storyappchat

Right in the middle of celebrating the nation’s birthday, several of us convened for a lively discussion of storybook apps with guest host Lynette Mattke, CEO of PicPocket Books. Here’s some of what was shared:

On how PicPocket Books was started:

@PicPocketBooks: My daughter was a struggling reader. I wanted a good book option that had audio, pics and text.

On what PicPocket Books looks for in a storybook app:

@PicPocketBooks: We like stories from different authors, publishers. Esp. ones that champion diversity. We like books, stories that broaden horizons.

@PicPocketBooks: I think that for a book app to work, it has to also work as a traditional story.

@PicPocketBooks: We’re currently accepting submissions for publication on our platform. So if you have a finished illustrated story, send it in!

Lots more was discussed, including Lynette’s current ‘wish list’ for story themes, how long it usually takes to get an app made, and pros and cons of using a DIY service vs. choosing an app publisher for a story. And I gave away two copies of I Don’t Like Pink!, my storybook app recently published by PicPocket Books. Congrats to @mindouglas and @mimicross!

Check back here in a bit for the next topic, and we will look for YOU this Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. Happy Birthday, USA!