Chat Transcript 6/12/11

Open Mic Nite was lively this week, with friendly debates of app and ebook pricing, and discussions about funding (or lack thereof) for mobile technology in schools. Here are some of the tidbits shared during the chat:

@AppsforiPads: I do not understand why someone will pay B&N big bucks for a reg book, but think an app of the same book should be “free”

@LoreenLeedy I would rather buy 3 apps than to pay $15 for one book

@LMWArizona: @LoreenLeedy It’d be great if we had the technology to support it. No Ipads for kids in my schools. No wireless. No $.

@CristinaGetson: @LoreenLeedy Web-based books might be the answer for schools; then apps s/b available for students to use at home

Don’t miss out–plan to pull up a chair THIS Sunday, 6/19. Topic to be announced soon: watch this space!


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