Will Terry to Guest Host During THIS Sunday’s Chat!

Will TerryI am thrilled to share with you our special guest host for the 6/5/11 #storyappchat: Will Terry!

Will is the illustrator of 17+ children’s books for the print market, and has both written and illustrated a terrific story app titled Monkey and Croc. He is also one of the few people who a) both write and illustrate, b) has experience in both print and electronic publishing, and c) has published the same story in the Apple App Store, Amazon’s Kindle Store and the Barnes & Noble Nook Store.

Being the helpful guy that he is, he’s also put together several how-to videos on his site, designed to help other illustrators get better. I myself have been working through his ‘How to Illustrate Children’s Books‘ series, but he has a Photoshop class and an acrylic painting series as well.

He will be taking your questions THIS Sunday, June 5 during #storyappchat! In the meantime, read his bio, see his online portfolio and check out his blog. He is also on Facebook–and here’s his Twitter profile. I just can’t wait–can you? Join us at 9 ET!


4 responses to “Will Terry to Guest Host During THIS Sunday’s Chat!

  1. Is that am or pm? I just bought his digital painting link and it is great.

  2. Ah well… I was hoping it was 9 A M so that those of us in the UK could join you. Maybe another time… I hope it all goes well.

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